IPortaldoc manages the flow of information in and out of your organisation.  It tracks what is performed on documents, who called whom, tracks and archives email messages and enforces version control.

As it sees all activity across the company, it can also be used to enforce workflow and escalation such as Holiday Requests and Purchase authorisation.

Overview of features

  • Document version control and document type enforcement.
  • Automatic reference number generation.
  • Workflow tracking and escalation.
  • Searching and reporting of email and documents.
  • Tracking of instant messages and also voice calls
  • Partner portal to enable self services for your partners to see their own documents and participate in workflow.
  • Application Programming Interface to enable integration with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics etc.

IPortaldoc runs on top of IPBrick.OS , and is primarily designed  for integration with your business.

IPortal workflow and automation specialists will configure Iportaldoc with the documents and workflow actually used by your business. If you have your own programmers , you can even create your own applications using the  Application programming Interface (API)