IPBrick Solutions

IPBrick is a suite of applications to enable organisations to communicate and share documents.

Overview of features

  • Process and Workflow automation.
  • Video Conferencing, Instant messaging, VOIP Telephone system.
  • Remote work support.
  • Email /Collaborative Calendering via mobile Activesync,  Outlook and Browser
  • Application Programming Interface, for further integration and bespoke apps

At the heart is IPBrick.OS, which can be deployed in the cloud or on your own server/Hosting enviroment.


IPortaldoc manages the flow of information in and out of your organisation.  It tracks what is performed on documents, who called whom, tracks and archives email messages and enforces version control.

As it sees all activity across the company, it can also be used to enforce workflow and escalation such as Holiday Requests and Purchase authorisation.

Overview of features

  • Document version control and document type enforcement.
  • Automatic reference number generation.
  • Workflow tracking and escalation.
  • Searching and reporting of email and documents.
  • Tracking of instant messages and also voice calls
  • Partner portal to enable self services for your partners to see their own documents and participate in workflow.
  • Application Programming Interface to enable integration with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics etc.

IPortaldoc runs on top of IPBrick.OS , and is primarily designed  for integration with your business.

IPortal workflow and automation specialists will configure Iportaldoc with the documents and workflow actually used by your business. If you have your own programmers , you can even create your own applications using the  Application programming Interface (API)


Cafe’ is the place where all the members of your organisation can share thoughts via chat, pictures, documents and even make video and phone calls.

This is your organisations social network under your own privacy policy and acceptable usage policy.

All that’s required to take full advantage of Cafe’ is the Google chrome browser, a microphone and webcam and you can collaborate with your colleagues .

Overview of features

  • In browser phone and video calls
  • Instant Messaging
  • Community Polls
  • Share photos and video updates
  • Share your screen and give presentations

Cafe’ also enables you to include your external partners.

Your customers and business partners outside your organisation can also join in with the conversation.




Mail & Groupware

Web-Based Calendar

IPBRICK Groupware offers you a Web-Based Calendar application. It will allow you to create a new event or schedule a resource to be added to a calendar. In addition to required functions of modifying, and deleting events, it supports recurring events (with exceptions and various deletion options), like the birthdays of your contacts, alarms, import and export functions to standard formats (iCalendar and CSV formats), iCalendar invitations, multiple calendar views, shared calendars, display of Task List tasks, and ability to show events in the summary screen, presented in the Groupware interface.

Free/busy information for planning

IPBRICK calendar interface allows you to see whether the participants of your events are free or busy, without revealing any information about what they are doing during these times. This allows you to schedule events and ensure that everybody is able to participate.

Invitations for Appointments

Allows to add participants to your events and invite them all. They will received an invitation and if they accept it, the appointment will be automatically added to their calendar. You will be updated about status of the events participants and they will be notified about changes to the appointment. It is also possible to do drag of events and drop them where you want. The events can be processed from mobile devices, increasing the response time.


Different Calendar Views

IPBRICK Calendar allows different views by day, week, or month. When you search for events, only results are displayed and can be seen in all different calendar views by switching between them. It is also possible to define a vision by “agenda”, which is constructed based on the selected calendars.

Task Management

You can create tasks, set their due date with reminders. Create sub tasks and drag them around and drop them where you want them to be. Flag tasks as important or set the degree of completion. It is also possible to share you tasks with other and even let them create tasks for you.


The Address Book provides a convenient method and place to store contact information for easy retrieval and use. Depending on how the administrator has set up the system and user profiles it can provide access to the information in IPBRICK (users and/or) Contacts. On the other hand, the private contact lists of each user can be synchronized to the respective devices.

Customizable WebClient

You may customize your webclient, change the user interface in many details including the language and set up different identities. Change how mail boxes are displayed or how the calendar should look like. Each person can customize the groupware interface, by using the information most used.

Email Relay

Ensures Email Relay to the internal email server. Performing viruses and spam filtering by using security software.

Content Filtering

Defines the criteria for emails to be filtered into different mail folders. The filtering will happen on the server right after the mail is received. This way your emails are exactly the same on all devices.

Web Interface, Multi-Platform

Based on the proximity concept to the user, allows easy access to all information via multi-platforms (Thunderbird, Outlook Web Access and Mobile Devices), regardless of the operating system, at the lowest cost in the market. It is a powerful solution that provides all collaborative tools, such as Email, Contacts, Calendars and Tasks, all centralized and fully secure.


Application Development & Integration

Possessing information technology will not give you a competitive advantage, how you apply the technology is what gives you the edge.

The trouble with a large number of Commercial off the shelf (COTS) software is that you end up tailoring your business to suit the software.

By using the application programming interface built into IPBrick.OS and also IPortaldoc gives you the ability to integrate with other technologies in you use in your business.

IPBrick has been adapted to integrate with other enterprise software such as SAP and Mircosoft Dynamics. This provides you with the ability to fully utilise all the data stored in different parts of your business, or to integrate with a business partner.

IPBrick consultants will be happy to provide some bespoke integration requirements to provide robust business focused solutions.